A successful cleaning business

The first thing most start-up cleaning businesses think of is the yellow pages. Here you have a great media where consumers go when they are 100% sure they need a cleaning service. Yes, the yellow pages can work. But they may also result in thousands of wasted dollars. The problem is every carpet cleaner in your city is right at your prospect’s fingertips. If your price doesn’t sound attractive, they’ll move on. In order for the yellow pages to work, your ad must sell and the person answering your office phone must sell.

The next strategy most cleaners take is with coupon mailers. They try mass mailers such as Val-pak, Gold Mine, or Money Mailer. Coupons are a quick way to make little money. If you’re just starting out, they may work well for you. But it’s easy to get caught in the low price trap. Being you’re in the service business, it’s nearly impossible to be the low price leader in town and succeed. Why? Because low price is the market position of most other cleaners in your town. No, I haven’t checked. But I know this to be true in every city.